Exciting Announcement!

 Hello Friends, clients, musicians and singers!

April 22, 2013

Just a little notice to you all that Sound Control has moved from our Music Row location

.....We have been located in the CTM Recording building as Studio B, formerly The Bayou Recording building,  for around  6 years now.  We want to thank Joe Spivey for the wonderful years we had together at The Bayou. He and George Clinton, along with Carol and Howard Perdue, made us feel so much at home there.  After Georges' passing, Lee Adams  bought the building and extended a very kind invitation to remain with he and Eddie Robba,C.E.O., at their beautiful new studio, C.T.M. Recording. We accepted and continued as Studio B . We had some amazing sessions there.

 Over the 6 years, we recorded such legends as John Anderson, George Jones, Tanya Tucker, T, Graham Brown ,Lee Greenwood, Allison Speers, The Jordanaires,  Eban Brown, Lynn Anderson, Nokie Edwards, Marty Stuart, Presley Tucker, Joe Diffie, Pam Tillis, Dottie Rambo, Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Lulu Roman, Rickey Skaggs and Sharon White, Linda Davis, Larry Gatlin,Dierks Bentley, Owen Bradley,  Casey Anderson, Dottie Peebles, Nicole Nordeman,  Jiro Okabe, Josh Turner, Tracy Lawrence, Debbie Allen, The Imperials.......................

along with established artists such as  Justin Ryan,  Larry Ferguson ,Chris Barnes,  Sherry Kennedy, Roxanne and Terry Sheridan, Lauren Guerrerio ,Cheyenne West, Tona Lomax, Mel Gibson, Pat Roden, Lonnie Bartness, Derrick Holly, T. Jae Christian , Mary Lee, Laura Dodd, Herbert Hunter, Joe  D. Guerrerio, Galen Griffin, Gary Sadker and Red Ridge Entertainment,  Mike Radford and AMI Records, Don Reed and Affinity Records,  Clay and Clayton Claxton,  Larry Tomerdahl, Don Joy, Billie James,  Tommy Holland, Lacy J. Syler, Vince Kavanaugh ,The American Three, Vernon Sandusky, The Mooneys, Jim Pierce and Jack Gale Productions, Jim Sadergasky, Carolyn Marshall & Pat Grant, Tommy Allsup, Dan Roberts, T. Thomas, Connie & Buck McCarty, Christy Lynn, Sherry Johnson and Seasong Records, Marsha Stevens and Balm Ministries, ,  Richard Donahue and Next Level Entertainment, Diko,  Don Joy, Phoebe and Caroline Binkley, Mike Headrick , Bekki Davis, Elizabeth Price, Petrella, Micah's Rule,Nichael Peterson ...and international artists such as Travellin' Rose, Sam Millar, Dave Sherriff, Gemma Dorcett, Gary Curtis, LeAnn Therose , Lee Williams, Charlie Boston, Pete Kennedy, Briannie Reed, Belle Cannon, Aubrey Lovejoy...............and many, many more much appreciated artists over the 6 years we spent on Music Row.

  And a huge shout-out to all the musicians that graced us with their invaluable presence at our sessions at  The Bayou and CTM....Tommy Wells, Dave Martin, Rodger Morris, Paul Arntz, Dug Grieves, Dow Tomlin, Steve Holland, Duncan Mullins, Gordon Mote, Wanda Vick, Hoot Hester, Brent Mason, Joe Spivey, Bob Angello, Kerry and Catherine Marx,  Larry Beaird, Billy Joe Shaver, Mike Johnson, Michael Rhoades, Steve Hinson, Mike Chapman, Don Carr, Glenn Worf, Pete Wade, Don Carr,  Mike Doucette, Brian Fullen, Bob Patin, Walt Cunningham,  John Heinrich, Chris Hamm, Jeff Taylor, Mark Hornsby, Michael Rojas, Scotty Saunders, Aubrey Haynie, Dennis Crouch, Andy Leftwich, Scott Vestal, Adam Steffey, Mike Bub, John Hammond, Jim Horn, Dirk Johnson, Kelly Back, Hoot Hester, Brian Lonbeck, Jody Maphis, Elaine Frizzell, Dennis Solee,

To the amazing singers that blessed us with their vocals and back-ground vocals, thank you for continuing to share your God given gift of voice: Margie Cates, Jennifer O'Brien, Darryl O'Donnell,  Chip Davis, Billy Davis, Melissa Duvall, Brittany Allen, Monty Allen, Lance Miller, Marty Slayton,

Brian Glenn Nolf,  Jeff Skorik,  Shelly Rann,  Caroline Martin, Dave Gallagher, Angie Primm, Gale Mayes,  Erica Jones, Julie Chapman, Pat Roden, Scott Smith, and the irreplaceable Justin Ryan.



We are still business as usual, with no down time whatsoever for Sound Control. The new studio where we will be Sound Control, Studio B, is inside the amazing JAVA JIVE STUDIO. Java Jive is owned and operated by Dave and Carolyn Martin, very well established artists in the music business, and veteran studio owners. The studio is just a short 20 minute drive from downtown Nashville. Located off of I-24W at the Joelton, TN. exit # 35, the studio is nestled in between the beautiful trees and Tennessee country landscape. Inside you will find a beautiful, state-of-the-arts recording studio, with all the expected professional studio amenities...and then some!  An relaxing country feel, and yet just a short 20 minutes from all the music industry business and the Music City nightlife. The best of both worlds!

Sound Control will continue to be a full production studio, as it has been for the past 33 years. From songwriter demos, to full CD production projects, including if you are a self-contained Band needing a  production project.....  We are already in full production sessions as we speak.....

Go to our website......check us out....for all those who already know us, we will see you at the new studio!! 

Thank you, Dave and Carolyn Martin, for your friendship, and making us feel so welcome and loved!!! We will never forget it.

Sound Control Studio, and Java Jive Studio......where the coffee and the music is always hot!



Mark & Donna Moseley

615.292.2047  studio




Welcome to Sound Control Studio. Competition is tough in the music industry. Without a professional recording of your songs, it is almost impossible to get heard.

The old saying "you get what you pay for" is totally true at Sound Control. We guarantee, no matter what your budget , to give you the best recording that is musically possible. We have different teams of musicians, singers, BGV's, to fit every genre of music, every kind of project. Whether you are in the USA, or an international artist, we would be honored to be a part of your dream.....to bring your songs to life.....to take you not to just the next level, but help you reach for the stars!

Call us, text us, email us, Facebook or Tweet us.....we are everywhere you want to be, if you want to be heard. Come record with us. You won't regret it.

Producer Mark Moseley


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